Boot Camp

 Boot Camp Summer 2016

What is Boot Camp?

Boot Camp is what it sounds like - an intensive multi-week membership training program that carefully selects volunteers and equips them with the tools they need to effectively advocate for Israel and impact their peers. We do this in a unique way that balances educational and social components.

Boot Camp features the most engaging experts on the topics revolving around Israel and the Middle East. Past speakers have included Israeli diplomat Ron Prosor and former US Ambassador to Morocco Marc Ginsberg. We educate participants about the history of Israel, discuss some of the most important challenges she faces today, empower them with the tools to effectively advocate for Israel in any environment and build the future leaders of Fuel For Truth.

What can I expect at Boot Camp?

Boot Camp balances educational and social components. In addition to taking part in a curriculum developed and used for over a decade, boot campers hear from former IDF soldiers, engage with Middle East experts, and develop personal and professional friendships with the next generation of pro-Israel advocates and leaders through post-session drinks at a local bar.

Is Boot Camp for me?

If you know very little about Israel’s history and challenges….this is the perfect place for you!

If you know a fair amount and are looking to know more…apply and dig deeper into areas you’ve always wanted to focus on!

If you consider yourself an Israel expert…come and learn new techniques to put your knowledge to use and help further develop Fuel For Truth!  

This program is for young professionals in their 20’s and 30’s who are committed to becoming pro-Israel advocates, creating a productive environment for their peers!

What does it cost?

Absolutely nothing! As Fuel For Truth is run entirely by volunteers, we have our benefactors to thank for this amazing opportunity.






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