Fuel For Truth Ignites A Generation To Get The Facts


By Julie A. Sergel

With the demise of the twin towers on September 11, 2001, few could find any good. However, out of this tragedy, Fuel for Truth was organized with the intention of mobilizing young men and women to learn and spread the truth and in doing so to combat anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic sentiments.

Fuel for Truth was born with the function of igniting the plus or minus twenty-something generation to digest and readily assimilate the facts--and discern the fictitious. "It's a powerful thing to be lied to, [and it's also] powerful to know the truth," offered Joe Richards, Executive Director of the Fuel for Truth organization, reverting to a favored quote: "The truth is what it is, bend to its power or live a lie."

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These Partiers Can Handle The Truth

By Maya Klausner 

315 young professionals partied for truth last night at a summer bash hosted by “Fuel For Truth” at swanky midtown venue Lexicon.

The name of the club is apt: The non-profit organization’s chief goal is to spread the word of Israel advocacy by helping young people talk about the issues, or to use their slogan, “spread the truth.” 

But they also know how to spread the good times. Hundreds of decked-out attendees in their 20’s and 30’s swarmed through the cavernous, dark space, drinking cocktails and kicking it old school. Generous gummy candy displays studded the bars and tables. All of the candy was white and blue.

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NYU Tonight Interview: Antisemitism on College Campuses

Fuel For Truth Chairman Ron Wasserman joined the set of NYU Tonight to discuss the increasing level of Antisemitism on college campuses and how Jewish and pro-Israel students can respond to this hate.


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As anti-Semitism heats up, so does Fuel For Truth

By Alan Zeitlin 

The New York Blueprint — As he drinks some red wine, Etan Harris passionately makes a pro-Israel argument but only minutes later, he makes an anti-Israel argument. He’s flip-flopped, but it’s intentional. (And he isn’t drunk.)

The “party” he’s attending is part of a role-play in a boot-camp for Fuel For Truth, an Israel advocacy group that trains Jewish professionals in their 20s and 30s to speak intelligently and articulately in Israel’s favor.

Harris, 30, from Brooklyn, is one of 20 in the current class that meets once a week in Fuel For Truth’s midtown office. Israel’s conflict with Hamas has spawned anti-Israel sentiment on social media, and anti-Semites in Europe have used it as an excuse to target Jews there. The anti-Semitism has hit closer to home, too: on the Upper East Side, a Jewish man was attacked, comedian Elon Gold was harassed in Los Angeles, and a student at Temple University was allegedly assaulted by an individual with Students for Justice in Palestine.

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