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ReConnect: Events and Announcements

Fuel For Truth is partnering to throw a Yom Haatzmaut party!!
FFT will get $10 back per ticket sold donated towards our Organization, so please use this exact link to purchase your ticket and share this link on Facebook and with friends and family:  Purchase Event Ticket Here

Early bird tix are currently available for $18/ticket until Wednesday, April 5th! 

Israeli Judo Training & Seminar with Olympic Medalist
Join MJE, SSI Columbia, and Fuel For Truth for an evening with medalist Ori Sasson and Olympic athlete and World Championship medalist Golan Pollack with demonstrations of basic Judo techniques, coordination tips, practice Judo fights, and stories from Judo experiences in competitions all over the world.

Thursday, April 6 | 7:30 PM | Purchase Event Ticket Here

MJE West | 131 W 86th St, 10th floor


meirav_azoulay.JPGMazal Tov, Meirav! 
Fuel For Truth is proud to announce that FFT member Meirav Azoulay is being honored with the Israel Advocacy Award!

Bringing It Home: The Chelsea Shul Gala
Calling all graduate students: Join all other Jewish graduates from all backgrounds and degrees of observance to celebrate your accomplishments with other like-minded young professionals!

Tuesday, April 4th | 5:30 Cocktails | 7:30 Program and Dinner

Chelsea Shul | 236 west 23rd street, New York, NY


Applications are officially open for FFT-DC's Spring 2017 Boot Camp. Application Deadline is Sunday, April 9th.
The Boot Camp begins Tuesday, May 2nd and will last eight weeks.


More than 40 FFT members attended the annual AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, DC, to show their support for the strategic alliance between the United States and Israel. Throughout the weekend our members attended informational sessions with American and Israeli politicians, networked with other young professionals during Shabbat meals, and showed the 18,000 in attendance why FFT is the most important Israel advocacy movement in the country.


During the AIPAC Policy Conference, FFT Chairman Ron Wasserman and President Justin Ellis led a workshop for 400 high school and college students sponsored through the Milstein Family Foundation and the Israeli American Council (IAC). They provided an overview of the major topics often raised during conversations about Israel and how to address them, as well as an interactive demonstration utilizing footage of media interviews featuring Israeli diplomats, politicians, and journalists. 

FFT Chairman Ron Wasserman and President Justin Ellis joined by former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Ron Prosor during their IAC student workshop

ReTold: Jeremy Meller's Story


If you’ve been in Boot Camp (or involved in FFT in any way) in the last seven or so years, you probably know who I am. Over the years, I’ve found myself to be a more a fixture within FFT than even the walls in which we’ve held the classes. I don’t often think about why, but of late, I have a bit, and even I was a bit surprised by the answer.

I’ve come to realize that my involvement in FFT and in the pro-Israel world at large is the realization of a goal I set for myself senior year in college as I pondered what to do with my life. Having been involved in the Jewish world all through college, it was something I had to continue, but it seemed making it a career would be financially irresponsible. I told myself I’d find a way to make an IT career and make a substantial impact on the Jewish community. How, at the time, I really had no idea.

Fast forward about three years, I met Joe Richards and started assisting with FFT’s website. It took me another year to apply to Boot Camp, for reasons I cannot remember. I was part of the Boot Camp class of 2010, and while I enjoyed it, I felt like many. There was too much to absorb in 10 weeks. To the current boot campers out there, don’t worry it’s perfectly normal!

Following Boot Camp, I went to as many additional classes as I could, and got more involved from there, eventually becoming FFT’s COO in 2016. Over the course of the last seven years, having sat through more Boot Camp sessions than I can count, I have continued to reaffirm my knowledge and hone my advocacy skills. I can confidently say that my continued involvement has given me the full range of skills that my participation in my own Boot Camp class didn’t. I am now fully comfortable advocating for Israel on social media and in real life conversations with people who have opposing views. READ MORE...

ReLearn: Advocacy Tips & Resources

Advocacy Tip

Listen to understand, not just to rebut.

Until you understand the concerns of the person you’re speaking with, you cannot address them.

Rather than always focusing on your next argument, make sure you are really seeking to understand their viewpoint without interrupting or contextualizing.



Ron's Book Selection
operation_uranium_ship.jpgOperation: Uranium Ship
by Dennis Eisenberg, Eli Landau, Menahem Portugali

In the aftermath of the Six-Day War, the Israelis found that the French cut off their uranium supply for political reasons. What did the Israelis do? They got hold of some by snatching it up in transit.

The story is told from a man-on-the-ground perspective. Weaving together the different stories in a fast-paced tale, Eisenberg tells a story in a manner similar to a thriller novel.

With intriguing characters like the former sniper whose family thought he was a travelling businessman, Eisenberg tells the story with an eye for the detail of the personalities of the people involved in the Plumbat Affair.

ReView & ReThink

Can't-miss articles to keep you up-to-date. Plus! FFT Boot Camp style advice for how to frame some of the topics mentioned within.

Senior U.N. Official Quits After 'Apartheid' Israel Report Pulled by Ellen Francis & Michelle Nichol –  March 17, 2017

UN Apartheid Report Withdrawn: The U.N. is not the authority on the Israel-Palestinian conflict. It's an international body comprised of nations, many of which do not recognize Israel's right to exist and use this platform to slander and bully Israel. When it comes to the accusation of apartheid, go on the offense: Ask what apartheid laws exist in Israel, ask what Arab Israelis cannot do that Jewish Israelis can. Give them a reason to reevaluate what they thought they knew. 

Alan Dershowitz: The Bigotry of ‘Intersectionality’ by Alan Dershowitz – March 30, 2017

Stick to your beliefs: Don’t be discouraged when causes you believe in, and their followers, go astray…you can still educate and influence. Remember that the messenger is as important as the message. If you want to impact someone's view, they first need to like and trust you, and you need to understand where they're coming from. Ask questions and be empathetic. Show them you care.

Palestinians: Abbas's Empty Promises by Khaled Abu Toameh – March 20, 2017

Peace needs a leader: A fractured leadership is not the foundation for a successful state. How can the Palestinians successfully negotiate a peace deal, let alone run a country, when there is no united or supported leadership to take on the responsibility.



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