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July 4


Americans and Israelis share many values, but perhaps none as great as the value of national freedom and the willingness to fight for it. As we celebrate America's 242nd birthday and the patriots who aimed to form a more perfect union, let's recognize that both the American project and the Zionist dream demand that we always look forward and work to becoming the best version of ourselves.


Boot Camp


All our Boot Camp chapters are accepting applications for their fall classes so get ahead of the curve and apply now! We accept applications on a first-come-first-serve basis, so spread the word to your friends and family and let them know.





Nationals Game


Join FFT-DC for its second annual baseball outing! See the Washington Nationals take on the Atlanta Braves! Click here to purchase tickets; we will be in Section 103.

Wednesday, August 8
Nationals Park
Pre-Game fun at the Bullpen – 5:30 PM

Game Time – 7:05 PM

ReCap: June 2018



FFT-NYC's Party For Truth had over 250 attendees and raised over $10,000! Congratulations to the most recent NYC Boot Camp graduates and thank you to everyone who attended and helped make the event such a success! Check out more photos from the party on our Facebook page.

ZOA Campus Trip


FFT National Director Justin Ellis and NYC Boot Camp graduate Seth Greenwald are currently staffing the ZOA Student Leadership Mission to Israel, which provides an intense two weeks of education and advocacy training to strengthen Zionist activists on American campuses. The trip includes visits to strategic border regions as well as meetings with Knesset Members, journalists, and policy experts. This is a wonderful opportunity for FFT to provide student leaders with the same top-level skills offered in Boot Camp, creating better advocates on campus, and generating more awareness of our program among soon-to-be college graduates. From this experience it is the hope that FFT will offer a similar Israel trip for Boot Camp alumni in the future.

FFT Boston Red Sox

The only thing better than going to a ballgame is going with your FFT friends when the home team is celebrating the Jewish people! FFT Boston members spent a beautiful evening at historic Fenway Park for Jewish Heritage Night as the Red Sox defeated the Detroit Tigers and honored one of the largest and oldest Jewish communities in the United States.



ReTold: Daniel Flesch's Story

FFT DC.jpg

Dear Fuel For Truth community,

I bid you adieu. Or, perhaps more appropriately, “Shalom v’lehitraot!”

At the end of June, I stepped down as Executive Director of Fuel for Truth-DC as I moved to New York to begin a new position as Senior Advisor to Ambassador Danny Danon at Israel’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations. As an example of how the FFT community can be a great resource, Shahar Azani, StandWithUs’ Northeast Regional Director, former Israeli diplomat, and extremely popular FFT-DC guest speaker, first proposed the opportunity to me and connected me with the ambassador’s chief of staff.

It has been a pleasure leading FFT-DC and being a part of the FFT lay leadership for these past two-plus years. In the ReTold for the July 2017 ReFuel, I shared some insights into what I had learned as a leader in the pro-Israel advocacy world. For this ReTold, I’d like to share a few parting thoughts and thanks.

As those in DC are well aware, I have numerous favorite stories, expressions, and other idiosyncrasies that I share with my Boot Camp participants. On the first evening of each new BC, in addition to introductory slides that familiarize the participants with FFT-DC’s leadership and history, as well as the expectations and schedule of their program, I have a slide with two quotes that set the tone for our Boot Camp.

The first is by the late Elie Wiesel: “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference.”

I express to the participants that by choosing to apply and commit to FFT, they are choosing to not be indifferent.

And the second quote is from Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the former Senator and UN Ambassador, and perhaps the biggest Irish-Catholic Zionist who ever lived. He famously once said, “You are entitled to your own opinion, not your own facts.”

There is no better sentiment that reflects the dynamic we face in the Israel advocacy space. It is always instructive to remind ourselves that Israel, even with its flaws and stumbles, is in the historical, legal, political, and moral right. This makes our efforts that much easier. With the facts and “truth” on our side, there is nothing more important than to “Question the Premise” of the detractors; always be questioning them, calling out one of the numerous fallacies or red herrings they employ in their logic or accusation. Remember, there is always someone watching who knows less than you, but is susceptible to arguments based in emotion and not logic or reason. Then it becomes an issue of communication, where, as FFT likes to say, “The messenger is as important as the message.”

It is very exciting to see FFT developing new chapters in different cities. DC proved that FFT can be replicated across the country, and now it is finally happening. A big ‘thank you’ to Joe and Ron for having the trust and confidence in me, as well as providing the materials and financial support, to start the first satellite chapter back in 2016.

And of course, to the FFT-DC community: It has been an absolute pleasure bringing this organization to the nation’s capital and getting to know some of the most intelligent, passionate, and good-natured people I’ve ever met. I never thought that what started as a little volunteer passion project of mine, would grow and develop into a well-run organization that functions as a business, complete with multiple annual events. I was always impressed by the dedication that so many showed to the organization, how they dedicated their time and energy to a program they cared about and wanted to always see it improved for the next iteration of Boot Campers. The leadership committee over the past year has been second-to-none, and there were other volunteers and thought leaders who would always be willing to go the extra mile, to cross the street if it benefited FFT-DC.

While this is a goodbye to FFT-DC, it is not to FFT. As I am in New York, I look forward to getting to know the community here, attending the Parties For Truth and other social gatherings, and teaching at upcoming Boot Camps, should the need arise.

One final note. It became a tradition among some of the FFT-DC volunteers and regular attendees to take a candid SnapChat of me teaching and turn it into an elaborate “painting,” usually with a timely theme. For example, when Netta won Eurovision, I was drawn with her outfit; when teaching the “Addressing the Palestinian Narrative”...let’s just say I was drawn in the outfit of a former Palestinian terrorist leader.

Perhaps most appropriate is the drawing from my final class. Thank you, Jodie, for recognizing that although I never actually went through a Boot Camp as a participant, I still graduated from FFT-DC.


ReLearn: Advocacy Tips & Resources

Advocacy Tip
Look less at what people believe and look more at why people believe what they believe. The "what" is a product of the "why." Figure out the "why" and you can change the "what."

Ron's Book Selection

the missing peaceBrotherhood of Warriors

by Aaron Cohen

At the age of eighteen, Aaron Cohen left Beverly Hills to prove himself in the crucible of the armed forces. He was determined to be a part of Israel's most elite security cadre, akin to the American Green Berets and Navy SEALs. After fifteen months of grueling training designed to break down each individual man and to rebuild him as a warrior, Cohen was offered the only post a non-Israeli can hold in the special forces. In 1996 he joined a top-secret, highly controversial unit that dispatches operatives disguised as Arabs into the Palestinian-controlled West Bank to abduct terrorist leaders and bring them to Israel for interrogation and trial.

What to Watch

In our Own Hands: The Hidden Story of the Jewish Brigade in World War II

The final weeks of World War II. His Majesty's Jewish Brigadethe only all-Jewish fighting unit in the wargoes into combat against the hated Nazis...and comes away victorious.

It is after the war, though, that the real story of the Brigade begins. Amidst the chaos of post-war Europe, and under the noses of the occupying Allied armies, the young Jewish soldiers mastermind one clandestine operation after the next: forming secret vengeance squads to assassinate Nazi officers in the rescue and illegal movement of Holocaust survivors to Palestine. Later, in 1948, Brigade veterans help organize and lead the fledgling Israel Defense Forces in their new country's War of Independence. From the trenches of Northern Italy to the refugee camps of war-torn Europe, In our Own Hands unravels the thrilling tale of young Jewish soldiers who carried the weight of a people on their shoulders.

RePost: Can't-miss articles written by FFT members

Why speaking less and listening more will make you a better advocate for Israel

by Justin Ellis, FFT National Director - June 14, 2018

"If we want young Jews and the majority of the general population sitting on the fence to be sympathetic toward Israel in its perpetual quagmire, we need to treat their thoughts on the matter, however misguided, as an asset in our conversations, not a liability."

An open letter to the participants who left their Birthright trip

by Liel Asulin, Boston Boot Camp graduate - June 28, 2018

"How can you simultaneously be distant from your community and its values, and speak with authority on what the community’s values are and what they are not?"

As things got a little 'Messi'

by Michael Yadov, NYC Boot Camp graduate & class instructor - June 10, 2018

"...let's not hand BDS a victory by falsely accusing AFA of siding with the bullies. Instead, let's recognize that Argentinians were not the villains in this story, and let's focus on the solidarity that should grow out of this experience between Israeli and Argentine players."

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