ReFuel - May 1, 2018

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ReConnect: Announcements & Events

 Party For Truth

Kick off summer 2018 the right way and Party For Truth! Join the FFT family, our soon-to-be newest members and 250+ other young professionals for some well-deserved rooftop bar schmoozing. Includes a one-hour open bar, silent auction, DJ, photo booth, and more!

Tuesday, June 5 
7:30 - 10:30 PM

The Attic
251 W 48th Street

New York, NY 10019



Boot Camp


As FFT-DC and FFT-Boston begin their newest Boot Camp classes tonight, this will be the first time all of our chapters are operating at the same time. This is a huge milestone for us and a reminder of how far we've come. Not too long ago Boot Camp was only in New York City, Boot Camp sessions were held twice per year, and each cohort had twenty participants. Today we're in four cities, Boot Camp is held three to four times per year, and each cohort has up to thirty-five participants. The future is incredibly bright and we're looking forward to expanding to more cities in late 2018 and early 2019.

ReCap: April 2018

Miami Independence

The mission of FFT doesn't just extend to the current generation of pro-Israel activists, but also the ones that will follow us. That's why we were proud to support the Israel Independence Day celebration at Marlins Park as thousands of Jewish day school students and others around the Miami-Dade area commemorated seventy years of Jewish independence in our homeland. 

Parties For Truth

FFT-DC is proud to announce the launching of FFT's first post-Boot Camp program: The Herzl Project!

Based on popular request from FFT-DC Boot Camp graduates for continued FFT-DC programming, The Herzl Project is an in-depth exploration and discussion of Zionist ideals and issues, and is specifically designed for graduates. THP is a seminar-style, roundtable discussion focused on three current event topics, and how to bring these more advanced topics into discussions about Israel. 

THP's inaugural session was held on Sunday, April 8, and covered Israel and Changing Regional DynamicsInternational Law as Applied to Israel; and A Look into Palestinian Society.

ReTold: Ben Suster's Story


My name is Ben Suster and I’m a campus coordinator for CAMERA on Campus. I also helped bring FFT to Boston in the Long Night of 2018 (we call all of our winters that but just change the year). I wasn’t a prior participant in any FFT Cohort and I had met Justin Ellis just once briefly beforehand. Frankly, given my busy schedule, it was ill-advised to ever look into helping. However, I still volunteered my severely limited time to help bring this movement to a city and community with which I’ve become enamored.

I find few things more important than bringing Jews together. You might even call it a passion. Upon learning about FFT through my NYC friends, I was immediately intrigued by the idea of making Israel education appealing to a critical demographic. Scratch that; not just intrigued, but blown away. “Yes! OF COURSE!” I thought to myself. Bringing Jews together through Israel education AND open bars. How didn’t I think of it before? It was my life’s eureka moment. Young adults like myself have limited access to such an education post-college. Such an important curriculum, in conjunction with networking and mingling with young Jewish professionals, is a formula that I immediately believed can be something special. It is why I defied all logic and decided that I need to get involved with further Jewish community engagement; because clearly my full-time job at a Zionist organization and living in a Moishe House wasn’t enough.       

Contrary to popular belief, Israel is neither a political subject nor a cultural one; Israel is the greatest story ever told. It’s a living and breathing story thousands of years in the making, and it’s still being written. It’s a story comprised of miraculous achievements only made possible by a people with nothing to lose overcoming overwhelming obstacles. So where are we now in this story? While circumstances for the Jewish people have greatly improved, we are now the protagonists. It’s now on us not only to tell it, but to preserve it. That’s where Fuel For Truth comes in.

Whether with your friend or with your average anti-Semite, I believe the only way to tell the greatest story ever told, is through celebrating it. The story of Israel, with all of its ups and down, achievements and defeats, its moments of pride and shame, is one worth celebrating every single day. It is what I emphasize with the students I work with day in and day out. It is what I say to my fellow professionals and peers that tell me that our greatest resources and utmost focus should go to combating BDS (it shouldn’t). A narrative of positivity and celebration is one that defeats even the most cunning anti-Israel initiative. Our collective mission is to preserve Israel’s superior narrative; that her fulfillment and progression is an absolute miracle. A miracle in a time that we ask “Why don't we witness seas splitting anymore?” It’s why Israel’s first Prime Minister is quoted as saying “To be a realist you have to believe in miracles.” The return to our land is a miracle. Its survival is a miracle. Do I even have to classify the fact that the one and only Jewish state is thriving?

My work as an activist and Jewish leader defines me. It’s why I’m so profoundly invested in Fuel For Truth. Your personal or political identities and experiences are irrelevant when you walk into an FFT class. FFT establishes or reaffirms every single participants’ Zionist foundation. We are gifted with the opportunity to meet others in our community all while receiving the tools we need to share the story of Israel with our friends, detractors, and kids. It’s why I have come to believe in this idea so much and continue to be an FFT leader.

ReLearn: Advocacy Tips & Resources

Advocacy Tip
Always make it easy for others to admit that they are wrong. Advocacy is about forcing people to interrogate their assumptions and change them. If people are not comfortable being vulnerable with you, they'll never reflect on their positions and retreat from them.

Ron's Book Selection

Power Faith.jpgPower, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East, 1776 to the Present

by Michael B. Oren

Power, Faith, and Fantasy tells the remarkable story of America's 230-year relationship with the Middle East.

Drawing on a vast range of government documents, personal correspondence, and the memoirs of merchants, missionaries, and travelers, Michael B. Oren narrates the unknown story of how the United States has interacted with this vibrant and turbulent region.

What to Watch

ben_gurion_epilogue.jpegBen Gurion Epilogue

In the great depths of the archive, six hours of interview footage was discovered of one of modern history’s greatest leaders- David Ben-Gurion.

It is 1968 and he is eighty-two years old, five years before his death. He lives in his secluded home in the desert, removed from all political discourse, which allows him a hindsight perspective on the Zionist enterprise. Ben-Gurion’s introspective soul searching is the focus of this film, and his clear voice provides a surprising vision for today’s crucial decisions and the future of Israel.

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