ReView - November 1, 2016

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October 20, 2016

Jerusalem's Walls, Breached Again - Jonathan S. Tobin (Commentary)
In a saner era, the latest archeological discovery in Jerusalem would be the sort of thing only academics or ancient history buffs would care about. But in a month when UNESCO has voted repeatedly to treat Jerusalem’s holiest spots as if they were solely Muslim, the dig that located the site where the Romans breached the capital’s walls during the great Jewish revolt in 70 C.E. is of more than academic interest. It is not only yet another reminder of the insidious nature of the war still being waged to extinguish the rebirth of Jewish sovereignty in the Jewish homeland. 

October 25, 2016

For Iran, Exerting Force While Making Nice Is Part of the Plan - Thomas Erdbrink (New York Times)

TEHRAN — Just as conservative opponents of the nuclear deal with Iran had warned, Tehran seems to be moving aggressively to expand its regional influence while working to counter American interests throughout the Middle East.

Yet, just as proponents of the deal had promised, Iran is also slowly opening up, cutting deals with Western businesses, establishing phone links with the United States, speeding up the internet, welcoming hordes of European tourists and relaxing some social restrictions on its own people. 

October 27, 2016

Keep calm and work with Israel to defeat the security threat from Islamic State - Lord Trimble and Robert Quick (Telegraph)

Given the slanders against Israel - which emanate not least from the same Islamist propagandists residing here in the United Kingdom who hate the West and this country also - it is perhaps surprising to some that we found Israel to be a beacon of hope in this fight on a recent fact-finding visit.

October 27, 2016

Foreign-Policy Debate Scrambled by 2016 Election - Jay Solomon and Laura Meckler (Wall Street Journal)

The 2016 presidential campaign has thoroughly scrambled traditional positions on foreign policy and international intervention, obliterating many of the usual partisan distinctions and presenting political challenges for whoever wins in November.

Hillary Clinton, if elected president, would take a more aggressive posture than President Barack Obama on the international stage, according to her public statements and top aides. That would set her apart from the liberal wing of Democrats led by Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has called her too quick to back military force, as well as the anti-interventionist approach advocated by Republican nominee Donald Trump and a growing number in his party.

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