ReTold - December 6, 2016


How We Advocate for Israel Matters - by Chriss Williams

It is a topic that triggers an array of emotions from love to exhibiting our most basic defense mechanisms.  It can feel overwhelming at times, especially when our newsfeeds are clogged with anti-Israel sentiment, but we still have the opportunity to engage and illuminate this tangled web. 

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ReTold - November 1, 2016

My Story by Olivia Wittels 

Olivia_Wittels.jpgRed in the face and profusely sweating through my olive green IDF t-shirt, I sat on the floor in a bomb shelter, taking cover from incoming rockets launched by the terrorist group Hamas. I shared this particular shelter with a group of children in bathing suits, many of them still wearing floaties and dripping from the pool that they were splashing around in moments before hearing the shrill alarm. This was July 2014 and I was in Israel on Birthright; afterwards, I extended my trip to stay with family. Being in the Middle East during these tumultuous weeks, I spent a fair share of time in underground shelters built to protect innocent lives from indiscriminately fired rockets, many of which were launched from civilian areas like hospitals and schools.

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