These Partiers Can Handle The Truth

By Maya Klausner 

315 young professionals partied for truth last night at a summer bash hosted by “Fuel For Truth” at swanky midtown venue Lexicon.

The name of the club is apt: The non-profit organization’s chief goal is to spread the word of Israel advocacy by helping young people talk about the issues, or to use their slogan, “spread the truth.” 

But they also know how to spread the good times. Hundreds of decked-out attendees in their 20’s and 30’s swarmed through the cavernous, dark space, drinking cocktails and kicking it old school. Generous gummy candy displays studded the bars and tables. All of the candy was white and blue.

A young woman with wild hair got into an impromptu dance-off with an Israeli gentleman and though things seemed to get heated, they hugged it out and parted amicably. This seems to be the philosophy behind Fuel For Truth, which was founded 10 years ago; making connections by challenging people’s perspectives and emerging feeling empowered.

The event was thrown as the culmination of a 10-week intensive program called Boot Camp. But participants don’t trudge through mud or climb rope walls; instead, the program trains their minds to effectively advocate for Israel through education and interactive skills training.

“I’ve made an incredible group of friends who are intelligent, supportive, and have helped me grow into an even more confident and capable individual,’ said Amanda Paul, 23. Paul is on the Operations Committee as Event Chair and Boot Camp Operations and has been with Fuel For Truth for seven months.

The festivities didn’t even end when you left. Grill on Wheels, a kosher food truck, was parked outside of the club, offering traditional Middle Eastern cuisine like kufta kabobs and falafel as well as spins on comfort food like the crazy chicken sandwich and the taco burger.

A young woman in a red dress who was not shy about dipping into the white and blue gummy sharks (she was confidently pouring them into her purse) said that she was so impressed that a place exists that is able to delve into an inherently incendiary subject in such a productive and positive way.  

“Fuel For Truth brings people together,” said Paul as she partied the night away with friends.

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